We are especially proud of the extensive tree removal and trimming project the maintenance staff accomplished over the winter. CJ Gallup and his crew did an awesome job targeting areas that will help golfers find their golf balls easier and to hit shots uninhibited. This will also make for better turf conditions throughout the year.  Many of our golf holes received attention and the result has produced an outstanding look. Great job Guys!

We have added a few pictures to show the progress. 

The above picture is of the green on 9-Red. Tree roots and deteriorating turf conditions made the takedown of this tree a must. The size of the tree and the power of the back hoe made for an awesome sight!

The above picture shows 8-White from behind the tee. The tree to the right of the ladies tee was removed for better turf conditions by the tee and to allow tee shots to be hit uninhibited. 

The above picture is of 3-White. Trees to the left of the fairway were taken down in the vicinity where many tee shots land. It will make it much easier to find your ball and to hit approach shots unimpeded.


The above picture is of the tree line to the right side of the fairway on 4-Red.  Some overhanging branches that impeded shots to the fairway have been removed.

IMG_5088   IMG_5089

The above pictures show the before and after effect of the tree that served as the 150 marker to the green on 4-Red. It had grown too tall in recent years and would impede shots to the green.

To see the full effect, you will just have to visit us and play some golf!